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I would recommend SERVPRO, South Pasadena/San Marino to anyone. I had a flood in my house in the summer of 2020. My insurance company introduced me to SERVPRO, South Pasadena/San Marino. I had heard good things about them from a neighbor, so I immediately accepted the referral and had them come to my house to assess our needs. From that first visit onwards, we have received nothing less than excellent service throughout the pack-out and unpacking process. Their service was fast, clean, and accurate. They took great care of our personal belongings. They even wrapped up my broken floor lamp like a treasure and stored it away. When our stuff was stored in the storage facility, my daughter had to retrieve some school supplies from some of her boxes that she had packed and taped shut herself. I called Diego, our estimator, and main contact, one afternoon close to their closing time. He said no problem and would meet us there right away. We got there late due to traffic. When we arrived, they were already at the storage facility waiting for us. They greeted us professionally and respectfully as always. They didn't just open the storage unit for us to let us hunt for ourselves, they actually dug into the boxes to help us search for my daughter's school supplies. It was a hot summer day in So. Cal. inside a concrete storage unit.

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Un trabajo eselente muchas gracia a Martín así realmente trabajo

Working with SERVPRO of South Pasadena and San Marino throughout the years has always been a pleasure. Joe McCann and his team are always very professional, Brian has been very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

"SERVPRO fixed a huge mold problem we had in our kitchen and Amir & Diego made sure they did the job right! Our mold tester said, "Wow, you'll have the cleanest air in Pasadena after their work!" Call SERVPRO Pasadena! You won't be disappointed!!!"

During a recent flood due to a plumbing issue at my Aunts bakery in Pasadena, SERVPRO in South Pasadena was quick to respond. I met with Diego and he explained the process very well and helped us feel at ease during this rough time. He quickly got his team to come out and dry out the place and allowed my family to continue running the business during the process. Thank you so much!

Mr. Amir and his team are truly amazing, courteous, professional and experts in all things related to restoration services. I cannot express how grateful I am to Mr. Amir for his guidance and expertise during a stressful time - they are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. We are extremely pleased with the services rendered and highly recommend this branch should you ever have a need for restoration services. Thank you to Mr. Amir and his entire team!

SERVPRO was amazing in every way.  We had water damage in 5 units, and mold visible on some.  SERVPRO of South Pasadena/San Marino, went above and beyond to keep everyone happy! Amazing Service, Amazing People!

I can't say enough good things about SERVPRO of South Pasadena/San Marino!  The crew is professional, attentive, caring, and most importantly, knows exactly what they are doing and how to assess the situation perfectly! They have done amazing work throughout my house, during my reset water damage.  I can't recommend them enough for all the other services they provide!

We were so fortunate that our AAA insurance used SERVPRO to handle our kitchen restoration due to water leak issues. Amir and his crews are indeed professionals, did a top quality job from packing, removing cabinets and walls, protection, sanding, drying, and cleaning. Not only they know what they were doing, but communicated well with me in every step. I greatly appreciate their competence, attitude, and excellent workmanship.  As a manager in the engineering and construction business for over 20 years, Amir is one of the best contractors there that should be recognized!

This company has done a great service for my home. They were coming on time & finished the work exactly the way that they told us. I recommend them to every one.

Excellent service! Workers on site always polite, professional, prompt and courteous

Very happy with the work that was performed by SERVPRO

Great work communication with Diego Vargas. Nice to meet Amir.

Keep it upp! Excellent service and help.

You are very lucky to have competent employees. I would recommend to all my friends.

Great job!

We moved into a new house and we wanted it to be professionally cleaned.  Several years ago, SERVPRO helped us clean a house that had a serious water leak and they did a phenomenal job.  So, when we wanted to get our new home cleaned, we thought of them.  They did an amazing job.  The wood floors were literally squeaky clean.  Every room sparkled and they power washed the yard and garage and made them look incredible.  They dry cleaned the drapes in place and also cleaned the rugs.  We are so happy with their wonderful service.  Thanks Amir and it was great doing business with you again

Thank you for taking the anxiety out of our home damage! We were extremely impressed with every aspect of SERVPRO's service.

"Diego was very courteous and very nice. Thank you."

"Continue doing what you're doing. Great Service! Thak you."

"Very professional and always polite."

Unfortunately, my business sustained damages due to a fire. I was referred to SERVPRO of S.Pasadena/San Marino by my insurance agent. SERVPRO was at my business location quickly and assessed the damages. I am very thankful to the technicians who provided a such a professional service during a stressful time. 

While on a trip, a faucet connector line sprung a leak flooding the bathroom, hallway, and storage space. The water had been sitting there at least 10 days and soaked carpeting, pads and sub floors. Floor tiles and cabinets had to be removed also. Amir and his crew came to the rescue with heaters and large fans. The crew also packed contents of the bathroom and storage space. The area of possible mold and contamination was sealed off with plastic. All this was done quickly, efficiency, and with the utmost care. All work was explained in writing and many times orally to us as I think I was brain dead through most of the process. I can't say enough about Amir's consideration and patience in walking us step by step through this whole process.
Service is still alive and well at SERVPRO of S.Pasadena/San Marino

You don't ever want to need SERVPRO let's be honest, because of the nature of their work. But if you do have a disaster like I did just a week ago- call them. Don't waste time wondering who to call. I'm normally the practical one in our family. But my office/ studio was totally damaged from smoke. A complete loss and I burst into tears. My husband found them, they came a few hours later to assess and started work. I'm sitting here a week later and they are nearly done. I lost everything. But they knew my computers and data were the priority so got on that immediately- and it was saved. They have an amazing electronics guy. All their guys stopped and took the time to say how sorry they were and it felt genuine, not like something they are trained to say. In the most distressing time, I felt comforted and constantly reassured by the process and what was happening. They took all the work and responsibilities from my shoulder- a first. Thank you Amir, Diego and all they guys!

Excellent service! I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to everyone we know in La Canada, Pasadena, and San Marino. Amir (owner of SERVPRO of S.Pasadena/San Marino), and his team are prompt, professional, and courteous. They gave us an estimate that was lower than 2 other mold remediation companies. When the amount of work turned out more extensive than expected, they stuck with their budget and did not charge us extra. After they were done, the mold testing company said everything looked very clean. Great job! Thank you.

Well satified with the job the crew completed. Very professional! Thank you SERVPRO, satisfied customer.

Greatly satisfied with the services that SERVPRO provided to me. A job well done, I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to friends or anyone who needs of their services.Keep up the good work!

Great service from beginning to end. The technicians were courteous, very professional, friendly, and did an exceptional job, Thank you.

Thank you to the entire SERVPRO team for making this process easy and doing a great job with this project. Excellent communication and helping me in everything that was being done.

Very personable, professional, and honest! All contractor's should have Diego's work ethic. Very satisfied and pleased with a job well done. Diego explained the job process thoroughly. Employee was knowledgeable of what needed to be done. Extremely satified with SERVPRO of San Marino.

Service provided by staff was great! Staff was very clean throughout the job process and professional. I was impressed by the great service I was provided with. Thank you!

I enjoyed working with all the staff. Very friendly and professional people. They spoke with insurance adjuster directly and had me debt free of responsability, I like dealing with SERVPRO staff better than my insurance company.

SERVPRO franchise 9324 (South Pasadena/San Marino) is the best! All your franchises should be like them. We are very satisfied with the whole crew. Extremely helpful and nurturing at a time when we had a disaster. Thank you SERVPRO for your help!

Extremely satisfied with the services provided by SERVPRO of South Pasadena/San Marino. Staff is so professional and respectful!

Due to a roof leak my home sustained water damage. Mr. Amir and his team were very courteous, police, and helpful. I would recommend SERVPRO to friends and family. We couldn't have been happier for such a well done job!

Excellent! Amir was so helpful and kind. I cannot express how much I appreciate the prompt wonderful service that was provided by your company. During this stressful process, your people made it so nice. Thank you, thank you!

The service was phenomenal. We are so grateful for the way you handled our problem. Thank you so much!

I want to thank SERVPRO of South Pasadena/San Marino for the wonderful service given to us by Mr. Amir Fakharara. His kind and patient manner made our water damage much less traumatic and his help with dealing with Mercury Insurance was greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your service and professionalism.

Amir and his staff made me feel comfortable and secure. Amir was wonderful in explaining everything!

We want to thank you for all of the hard work that you and your wonderful crew did to ensure that our home was safe and free from the awful mold that was caused by the water leak under our house. The shock of having to move out of the house on such short notice was overwhelming but your calm and confident demeanor and your reassurance that everything would work out fine really helped with what was a very difficult situation.