Fire Damage Photo Gallery

The Aftermath of a Fire

Fire Took Place In The Garage

A fire can begin out of nowhere. This one began due to a battery charger that ignited overnight. Thus, damaging the garage and the materials inside. Our team was called in to mitigate the situation and begin the restoration process. Our goal being to make it "Like it never even happened."

Air Scrubber

In the case of fire and smoke restoration, an air scrubber is used to clean the air not just of smoke and other odors, but of harmful soot and other breathable contaminates in the air. The air scrubber sucks in the contaminated air and pushes it through an activated carbon HEPA filter to "scrub" the air clean of any particles that may be dangerous or unpleasant. 

Ozone Generator

This portable ozone generator eliminates a variety of odors caused by animals, mold and mildew, or fire and water damage. The machine generates ozone, which consist of unstable oxygen molecules. Ozone chemically reacts with odor-causing molecules to oxidize residues and remove the odors.

Fire Damage to Home

Home sustained damage to laundry room due to a minor fire caused by a malfunctioning dryer. Part of dry wall had to be removed. Walls, floor, and ceiling sustained soot damage and were cleaned up. Our professional technicians take pride into their job making disasters "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire Damage

Pico Rivera Pharmacy sustain a great amount of damage to commercial structure due to a fire. Here you see the damage that was caused to the ceiling. There was smoke and soot damage throughout the pharmacy.   

Fire Damage, Pasadena

Damage to home caused by a fire. There was significant smoke and soot damage all throughout the home. Although we were not able to save all of our customers belongings, we understand the value of how important it was to recover as many of our customer's keepsakes as possible. During times like these we greatly sympathize for our customer's loss and do the best job possible to make it "Like it never even happened." so that our customer may continue with their livelihood.

Soot Damage to Home

This photo shows soot damage to a kitchen after a fire. There was smoke and soot damage in the kitchen and kitchen appliances. We were able to clean the soot up and make this fire disaster "Like it never even happened"